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Mobile phone app development - bespoke solutions for your business

There has been an explosion in the mobile phone app development market in the last few years. From calculating your restaurant bill, mileage claims, games and geographic information around you there seems to be an app for everything nowadays! But the market is still young and full of growth and opportunities. We at KS Digital Media have invested heavily in the hardware, software and knowledge required to develop your smart phone apps. Whether its a small utility app you've got in mind or a complex high-end game, we've got the right skills, experience and know-how to deliver a timely and cost effective solution.

iPhone has the highest internet usage out of all the phones on the market. This is supported by its large touch screen, stable operating system and trendy design. Its a truly all in one device where you can make calls, browse the world wide web and check your email and off course lets not forget the huge amount of apps available for it. With the release of iPhone 7, Apple have proved they are truly a market favorite.

iPhone App Development

Here at KS Digital Media we've decided to specialise in iOS Apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

We have the following apps in our portfolio:

  • Airwolfs Lair - Game. This app is no longer available
  • Haloween Ninja - Game. This app is no longer available
  • Gear Ratio Calculator for iPhone. This app is no longer available
  • The Lets Braai App for iPhone. This app is no longer available